There are movies that leave you marked, that stick in the memory and you cannot forget. Movies that maybe do not have a good script, but are photographically impressive. We already talked about some films as possible inspiration for shooting, so we could say that film and photography are brothers from the same mother, are two complementary languages ​​that feed off each other. So it is not unreasonable that many film directors like Stanley Kubrick as well as being good managers are also great photographers.Outdoor Photographers in Pondicherry


We could say that photography is the older sister of cinema. That is, the film, as we know, is based on the principles of photography.
Outdoor Photographers in Pondicherry.So, we could say that the movie appears through experiments with the camera and the invention of photography, but with a very different purpose, the film comes from the idea of creating movement in the image, so this was a true extract of real life. Outdoor Photographers in Pondicherry,Thanks to the invention of the camera, the photosensitive material, the daguerreotype, photo paper, between experiments over the photographic process was improved resulting in the discovery of cinema. Outdoor Photographers in Pondicherry

Filmmakers who have succeeded in the world of photography

It’s no secret that many photographers are inspired by the film, and many filmmakers have seen in the picture another way to make their more static ideas.