The most important product we can give you that provides memories of your day for a lifetime to come is your wedding album. It has to be unique to you. Your album is designed in house, with as much input from you clients as you wish. Once approved the design is sent to the album manufacturers

All albums are individually designed in house, you choose the images you would like in the album and set about achieving a design unique to you. The album is not sent for Print until you are 100% happy with the design.

We Provide 3 Design styles for the Album Currently.

Classic Style

This is a very clean style with a white base for the album. Its minimalistic and classic. For those who like a clean and simple look to their wedding album design.

Key features include:

  • Simple photo layouts with no added design elements.
  • Use of white or black space in the background and white or black borders.
  • Minimalistic and classic
  • Full Page Images
  • Modern Style

    This style really makes the most of the space by showcasing key photographs supplemented by complementary images.

    Key features include:

  • Pages filled with images containing little or no white space.
  • Subtle design accents such as gradients, lowered opacity images and frames.
  • Vintage Style

    This style brings together several photographs on a page to tell the story of your day. It enables a number of photos to be prominent on the page whilst also showcasing key photos where appropriate.

    Key features include:

  • Pages filled with a mix of photographs alongside some white space.
  • Some use of subtle background imagery.
  • A mix of lowered opacity and white borders.
  • Some complementary colour strips and blocks.
  • Tell us your story and we will add it to the album. Each of these style can also be mixed with Text and personal favourites quotes. These are called the storytellers. They are essentially called Classic Style Storyteller, Modern Style Storyteller and Vintage Style Storyteller.

    The albums come with various cover styles like cloth, leather, acrylic and wood finishes. They also come in Customised boxes of leather or Cloth base.

    We would encourage you to have a look at these albums personally before deciding the style you desire. Smile every day when you are reminded of your wedding and the people who were there to celebrate with you.

    Our Albums will provide you a lifetime of beautiful memories.