Pre-Post Wedding Photography

Some couples tell me that they are into candid shots and don’t really want to do a pre-wedding shoot. All they want are candid shots that show how people are having a great time in their wedding. While that is absolutely important, I do think that it’s equally important to shoot pre-wedding photos. Or post-wedding
If you have a theme in mind, that would help in your planning. For example, you might want to do a picnic theme in the park…and so you need to think of what kind of props to bring – a picnic basket, a mat, a bottle of wine, wine glasses, books, food or snacks, anything that you think fits the theme.
Budget is always an issue here. So planning wisely helps. Set aside a realistic amount if you want to do an overseas pre-wedding shoot. Maybe you are drawn to a particular country because you love the architecture of the place or the natural beauty of that land. Do some research on places that you love, and tell that to your photographer!