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We are Vinaayac Studio Green , a team of professional wedding photographers. With many years of experience in wedding photography, video coverage.  We are among the most preferred in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu.
if you are searching for expert quality world class photographers of wedding parties, occasions, birthday celebrations, then you’re at the

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An skilled good professional wedding photographer shoots images without your information To have the best wedding event photography, a professional photographer should have the very best of the lighting effects setup. Just one blink installed on the high-end camera can’t make high-quality photos, simply because of a one source of light, the images could be two-dimensional and it can have unwanted darkness. Semiprofessionals use one blink to capture your occasions but we use up to few studio lights and up to three flash lights networked without any cables to create the third dimensions of every picture without unwanted darkness.

The marriage / occasion or corporate digital photography needs a lot of pre planning and best of the lighting effects setup and equipment’s. We photograph nearly all personal & cultural occasions like marriage, Reception, Engagement, birthday parties, Music concert events, Puberty, Family Get Together parties etc.
We also photograph corporate parties including college / university events.  We regularly provide you options to fit your budget. We also offering you services like video coverage, cinematography. We are a team of creative wedding photographers and wedding videographers.

Welcome to Vinaayac Studio Green!!! Our team is named as the best Candid Photography in Pondicherry offers quality of service to customers. We involved delivering you world class photography services at affordable price. Our team is specialized in capturing candid and creative shots creatively. Shutter Angels offer services like web casting, videography as well as cinematography. My team members shoot photos in available light as well as capture photographs with advanced light setup. We shoot both social and cultural events such as engagement, wedding, reception, family get together parties, upanayanam, music concerts, puberty and so on. As well as we shoot college and school events like cultural and some functions.

Budget matching is one of the major benefits of preferring our services and our shooting does not disturb the event flow. Our photography arrangements will not make any collapse in your wedding arrangements. As a team of creative Candid Photography in Pondicherry , we do not ask the person to pose for capturing the video and picture, that’s why we referred as the reputed candid photography service provider in Pondicherry. Our photographers use LED and defused CFL lights to capture video and photographs with more comfort. Our team members take a special attention on using the quality plugs and electrical wires to ensure safety. Based on the type of wedding, our team will make the arrangements. We shoot the pictures, based on the preference of customers.

Around 50% of photographs can be expected as candid pictures, so it makes you to feel happy while seeing some moments. Our team will serve you at any preferred location based on the convenience of customers. Surely, we guarantee for capturing your unforgettable moments which make feel happy while seeing it.


Commercial Photography

Well We are into commercial photography,and this is more limpid in the world of advertising.Companies and their promotion managers invest thousands of hours and countless amount of money in fixing photographic images that sell their products, and the spectra of Industrial and commercial advertising is perpetually alive yet juvenile.

In order to be successful as an advertising venture. A commercial photo must relish the real pathos and should evoke an instant emotional response. While a chunk of commercials rely on the aura of intellect, for the most promoters are aiming for the levitated emotions of customers.VIsualite focus on presenting photographs that can convey that very valuable emotional attire.


Our Commercial photographers strive for images that produces an immediate reflex and an emotional response. Consumers are bombarded with advertising day and night – on the television sets, on radio, on internet and even on their personal shopping carts and cell phones. As a result many consumers have simply learned to tune these out, and its important to have a connection with customers to get them resonate, A hard fought photograph does this with ease and Visualite always strive to work for it.

We were part of many successful advertising campaigns and made use of a special branch of photography known as large format photography. The images produced are specific and special created using photographic equipment designed specifically for the task. Many establishments have used these large format photographs to grab the attention of increasingly jaded customers, and their popularity is likely to grow in the future.We specialize in this.

Whatever be the product many companies have found that bright vibrant colors help to sell products out of the shelves. Consumers have a naturally healthy positive reaction to these bright and cheerful images.

The Voice of not so oral picture is voluminous and visualite is an elite player from Pondicherry for Industrial and commercial photography and are continuously searching for those images that resonate with past present and would be clients and their customers.


Portraits Photography-Velankanni-Sirkazhi-Mayiladudhuari-Kumbakonam-Virudhachalam-kallakurichi-karaikal-cuddalore-Neyveli

In photographic landscape .. Portraits rule.

We pursue and take Portraits that have the 'Wow' factor..

Visualite look at some ways to break out of the mold and take striking portraits by breaking (or bending, to the least) the rules and adding a little randomness into your portrait photography.And quantum mechanic says "the world is built on probability and hence randomness." We endeavor to make possibility out of probability.Personal pictures fall by two categories: portraits and candid. Either can be taken with or without your subject's knowledge and cooperation.

At Visualite we recapitulate your priceless moments to freeze in time and aesthetically present them.Our novel photography, exceptional quality and class one client service continues to redefine portrait photography, recreate lasting memories of the stunning moments for generations to come.Our world class studios are impregnated with professional photographers. These highly trained photographers take countless photographs each year, process it and give a facelift by attesting with a nice matching frame.


Large families are not thing of the past, or at least at this point of time! Big families, with long list of members, these days, are happy to capture them in a single frame. Family group photography is a budding genre in photography, which we are certain that will stay for quite some time, at least until large families are history. As with other similar genres, we conduct photo shoots either at our studio or at customer’s location. We offer the customers, the liberty of choosing the portrait sizes, of course with decent levels of inputs from our end.


Model Photography-Neyveli-Chidambaram-villupuram-Tindivanam-Mantharakuppam-vadalur-chengalpattu-Nagapattinam

Model photography revolves around commercial fashion photo shoots and creating model photo portfolios and albums for the individuals.

Visualite has a vast list of satiated models who procured our services.

First and most important, we shoot with the right equipment with high technical echelons and have all that set up before the model arrives. we let the model know beforehand on our art direction so there is rehearsal and practice on some predefined expressions and poses.


Models are requested to stick with the below accompaniments.

  • Clothes and accessories
  • Hair and make up
  • Piercings and tattoos.

If Ample time is afforded, Our photographer establish a good rapport with the model by having a casual one-on-one conversation. We love to get into the shoot only when both of us are relaxed and in a vibrant mood.

Setting the ambience :

First of all Acknowledge what kind of environment the model is happy working in. Things for utmost consideration are Privacy, Lighting, Music, Privacy, Distractions and Temperature. A lot of these things are sometimes out of control but inevitable for the theme of shoot, These are things we take into account of that can make the model comfortable in body and soul.

Out shoots revolve around art direction, In addition to providing feedback, We always welcome to receive valuable critiques from the model.

As of Model photography is concerned each model is unique and different, So every cue from the model is important as it helps to ascertain the aesthetic dynamics and leads to active participation of the model.


Studio Photography:

If you are searching for the best professional Photography Studio in Pondicherry you are in the right place. To a photographer, studio is a small piece of land, turned into his paradise. Upon entering a photographer’s studio, it drifts your opinion of photography from point-and-shoot, to more professional phenomena. Studio Photography, exists ever since, photography was actually invented. And the thumb rule, is that studio photography, is a homegrown skill of every professional photographer. A good studio can mirror the professionalism of a photographer. Visit our studio and we promise, a different photography experience.


Couple Portrait

Yesteryears or even today, the photos that are displayed outside a photography studio are either kids and/or couple’s. The ability of a studio in producing quality photographs is benchmarked with these two types. We offer couple portrait services at our studio or at locations, chosen by our customers. Couple’s portrait is something that they cherish for a long time. We bear that in mind and craft photographs that reflect the longevity of their love.