Remember that a wedding is the most important and most intimate public occasion you will ever have in your life. You need someone that knows how to tell the story of your love, someone who know how to make the small things the big things.
Here are some more tips that Vinaayac Studio Green will help you ensure you get the best and compatible wedding photographer.


The Concept   Wedding Photography is similar to a movie, it tells a story. It’s important that the Photographer has a concept in mind. Traditional wedding photographer wouldn’t have one because they tend to go for the usual shots that you will see in almost every wedding photo. If you don’t want to end up being like just like any other wedding, then hire someone who knows how to go beyond the usual.
Overlook the Obvious  It is important to cover those critical scripted moments through in wedding photos the day but look for a photographer that will give you something unique, different, unconventional. You need to look for someone who will look for those golden spontaneous moments that are likely to happen through the day. It’s the secrete glances, cute giggle, embarrassing look, and naughty trips of male guests that make the day memorable.
Hire a Secondary Photographer  It is almost impossible to expect one photographer to capture all those precious moments through the day. If your primary photographer works solo, get a second one. Just make sure that the secondary photographer knows his bounds.Vinaayac Studio Green provide you the best photography snaps. Vinaayac Studio Green depends uses as many resources in the wedding photos to get the best result.
Scout the Locations  Get a photographer that will scout the different locations, hotel rooms, church, reception area, and all other locations you and your important guests will  be using. Remember, even the best photojournalists scout locations whenever they can. You can’t have success without preparation.

Look for the Small Details Observe that the best human interest photos are tight shots of people or close ups of objects. The wedding is not different. Look for a photographer that will take photos of small details such as wedding rings, shoes, table settings, flowers, menus, etc. However, make sure they put a different context on the composition. For example, focusing on the hands of bride and groom with the rings already on during their first dance is better just taking a photo of the rings on a small pillow.


Our approach to wedding photography

Taking an artistic and photojournalistic approach, we seek photo opportunities which capture the true, candid moments of joy, emotions, bonding and all types of positive energy. To tell the story of your wedding in images, we start much before the actual wedding itself. We put a lot of effort in understanding the background of the bride and the groom, the families, the culture and the setting of the wedding. Our clients have given us the feedback that such a rapport strengthens their confidence in us. While working , we try not to be intrusive, staying in the background to focus on unposed and candid photography of you and your loved ones.

To deliver the best results, we select the best pictures from a few thousand of photos taken during the whole affair. After post production by a small team of experts, we deliver the wedding photos to you.

We also provide high-end albums fit for your coffee table, procured by albumprovidername. To know how much will it cost, please contact us

Let us make your special day more memorable with our candid and photojournalistic approach to wedding photography.
For hiring the best candid wedding photograher in Delhi and north India, contact Vinaayac Studio Greens